Strawberry Bay Marina and Lodge
Heber City, Utah

Ice Report: Ice Off Fishing has Begun

Date: 04/17/2020

Fishing is: Very Good

Ice Conditions: The edges are very soft, and ice has started pulling from the shoreline in a few areas around the lake. Some areas having up to 10′ or so of fishable water.

Location: There are a few areas around Strawberry Bay, Ladders, and Soldier Creek that have enough open water to fish.

Depth: Cast your line to the edge of the ice, typically about 10′-20′ from the shore line. Slowly reel in and jig occasionally.

What to use: Black Marabou Jigs

Additional Comments: Ice off fishing is one of the most sought after fishing at Strawberry. When the ice starts pulling from the shore, the fishing is HOT. Ice off fishing typically only lasts about 7 days, so if you’d like to give it a try, don’t miss your window. Just a reminder to be cautious of your surroundings. With Ice still on the lake, one shift of the wind and you can find your self in a sticky situation. Be safe, and have fun!


**Please note that Wasatch County has a “Stay at Home” order in place due to COVID-19, that is in affect til May 1, 2020. “Recreational visitors may not come and recreate in Wasatch County, including for outdoor recreation and camping.” Unfortunately, this means that only Wasatch County residents are permitted to fish Strawberry until this Order has been lifted.**

 Here are links to the Original Order and the Extended Order that Wasatch County has in place.

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