Strawberry Bay Marina and Lodge
Heber City, Utah

Ice Off Fishing

  • Date: 04/22/2020
  • Fishing is: Very Good
  • Ice Conditions: The edges of the ice have pulled away from the shoreline on most of the lake. There is anywhere from a couple feet to 25′ of open water.
  • Location: The Ladders, Jake’s Bay, and the Soldier Creek side of the lake have anywhere from 10′-30′ of fishable water; some places enough to put a small boat or float tube in. Reports coming in having steady success. Over on the Strawberry side, there are only a couple places that have enough open water to fish, like Mosquito Bay and Mud Creek, but here by this weekend, April 24, majority of the lake will be fishable for Ice Off fishing, and expected to be great!
  • Depth: Cast your line to the edge of the ice, typically about 15′-25′ from the shore line.
  • What to use: Black Marabou Jigs or Black Woolly Buggers
  • Technique: Jigging. Cast your line to the edge of the sheet of ice, slowly reel your line in, and as you do that you want to occasionally jerk your pole.
  • Additional Comments: Ice off fishing is the best time to shore fish at Strawberry. Once the ice completely goes, the fishing slows down for a bit. This weekend, April 24, is going to be prime fishing! Make sure to take advantage of the short window and get out and catch some fish. For those that have float tubes and small boats, there are areas we have seen fisherman use those over by the Ladders and Soldier Creek. Just a reminder to be cautious of your surroundings; as the ice melts off, the more likely the sheets are to move around the lake.


**Wasatch County has a new Health Order in place “Protect the Public from Covid-19” that went into effect April 21, 2020 and will remain in effect til May 1, 2020, unless amended or extended. “Visitors are encouraged to not come to Wasatch County” As travel in Wasatch County is strongly discouraged, it is no longer prohibited.**

 Read the new Health Order, “Protect the Public from Covid-19“, HERE .

Soldier Creek 4/22/2020
Jake's Bay 4/22/2020

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