Strawberry Bay Marina and Lodge
Heber City, Utah

Fishing & Ice Report- 4/28/2020

  • Date: 04/28/2020
  • Fishing is: Good
  • Ice Conditions: The lake is 50% ice free. Ice has pulled back from all shore lines. The wind has broken up the ice into many pieces, that are floating around the lake. Weather permitting, we should be ice free by this weekend, May 2.
  • Location: We are hearing reports of decent fishing on the Renegade side of the lake, as well at the Soldier Creek side. The rest of the lake is fairly slow with run off coming into the reservoir, which causes the water to become murky.
  • Depth: Fish are fairly shallow and close to shore.
  • What to use: Black Marabou Jigs or Black Woolly Buggers
  • Technique: Jigging. Cast your line to the edge of the sheet of ice, or as far as you can, slowly reel your line in, and as you do that you want to occasionally jig your pole.
  • Additional Comments: We are expecting the lake to be ice free by this weekend May 2, weather permitting.  As noted above, fishing tends to slow down quite a bit after the ice comes off, due to excess run off coming into the lake. Fishing is fairly decent right now while we still have ice on the lake, but is expected to slow down for a bit, once ice goes. As of now, there are many sheets of ice floating around both the Soldier Creek and Strawberry side, location dependent on direction of wind. As of today, you can launch a small boat at Soldier Creek, Aspen Grove, and Mud Creek boat ramps. Strawberry Bay’s boat ramp has a big sheet of ice blocking the ramp.  If you decide to launch a boat while ice is still on the reservoir, we highly recommend staying close to shore so that you do not become pinched between two sheets of ice.  Get out and enjoy some fresh air this weekend, while catching some fish. Just a reminder that our Store at Strawberry Bay is open and we’d love to help point you in the right direction with what to use and location!


**Wasatch County has a new Health Order in place “Protect the Public from Covid-19” that went into effect April 21, 2020 and will remain in effect til May 1, 2020, unless amended or extended. “Visitors are encouraged to not come to Wasatch County” As travel in Wasatch County is strongly discouraged, it is no longer prohibited.**

 Read the new Health Order, “Protect the Public from Covid-19“, HERE .

Soldier Creek 4/28/2020
Soldier Creek 4/28/2020
The Ladders 4/28/2020
Main body of water on Strawberry side 4/28/2020
Strawberry Bay Marina 4/28/2020

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