Strawberry Bay Marina and Lodge
Heber City, Utah

Fishing Report 8/28/2023

Date: 08/28/2023

Conditions: The weather is in the upper 70°f  for the beginning of the week. Dipping down into the lower 70°f with a 60% chance of rain for the weekend.

Fishing Report:

Species: Kokanee

  • Fishing is: Very Slow
  • Location: Strawberry
  • Depth: 10′ down in the water, 50′ out from the boat.
  • What to use: Green/Yellow or Pink flasher, with a pink squid tipped with a pink or green Berkley maggot.
  • Technique: Trolling at .9 MPH to 1.5 MPH.
  • Additional Comments: Kokanee fishing is coming to a close as they began to change color and start to spawn in mid-September through November.


Species: Rainbow & Cutthroat Trout

  • Fishing is: Good
  • Location: Strawberry and Soldier Creek
  • Depth: fishing in about 20′-30′ of water.
  • What to use: Corn Yellow, Garlic, or Rainbow Garlic Power bait on a treble hook.
  • Technique: Bait fishing from a boat is best, although you can fish from the shore.

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